Too Shy Or Just Not Interested

Too Shy Or Just Not Interested

If the guy you like is not talking about his feelings to you, you may evidently think “He’s just too shy”. However, the bitter truth may be that he’s just not that much into you. There isn’t a surefire way to find out whether he really likes you or not; of course, you may ask, but what’s the guarantee he will tell you the truth? Still, if you are attentive enough, you can try and find some signs of affection to you.

Understanding a shy guy

There can be lots of reasons why the guy you like is so reserved. In some cases, being reserved is his personality trait; otherwise, he may be affected by a bad mood or troubles at work or in private life.

He’s an introvert. Introverts are not as keen on social interactions as extraverts, and communicating with a few close friends are more than enough for them

He’s a passive type. Some guys prefer not to take lead in the relationships and let the woman be initiative. If that’s the case, your object of interest will not start a conversation, take your phone number or call you out as he’s used to women doing that.

He’s been hurt. His previous relationship that he was genuinely into didn’t end well; and now he’s going to be very, very cautious.

He’s a loner by nature. The guy might just feel comfortable being on his own as he doesn’t need someone’s company.

Signs showing he’s attracted to you

As the shy guy keeps the distance, there’s only one solution to know whether he is interested – pay more attention to what he says and how he behaves when you’re around. The signs you should notice are:

He’s an extraverted person who is quiet when you’re around. Well, he’s probably being shy as he doesn’t know how to make the first move.

Body language. If he likes you, he will try to lean closer in order to hear what you are saying. In addition, his shoulders and thighs will be pointed in your direction.

Look into his eyes. If a man likes you, he will try to hide his eyes so you wouldn’t notice him looking at you or, on the contrary, he will look at you for quite some time. While saying something funny in the group of people, when everybody laughs, he will look at you to make sure you laugh as well.

Is he nervous? Unaware of how to show his feelings better or unable to control them, he might be really nervous around you – laughing nervously, having his palms sweaty, unable to remain calm and trying to change his position all the time, keeping his eyes away from you. Take a look at how his friends act – they may smile and poke fun at him when you pass by.

Pay attention to how he touches you – if he does. Like, he may put his hand on your hand while laughing or slightly touch your hand to draw your attention to what he is saying if you are walking while talking and you do not look at him at that moment. Try to check if he touches the other girls like that.

He will compliment your appearance, whether it is another hair-do, a new dress, shoes, or make up. Usually, guys don’t pay any attention to things like these; if he does, the only reason is his genuine interest.

However, if he behaves with you exactly like he does with the other girls and his friends, there’s no reason to hope there are feelings from his side. If he’s totally calm and relaxed in your company, keep in mind that you’re one of the many to him.

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