Is It Possible To Quit Smoking With Help Of Ecigs Or Waterpipe

Is It Possible To Quit Smoking With Help Of Ecigs Or Waterpipe

Every smoking person from time to time think about quitting smoking. One of the most popular methods is to replace with another, less harmful, as a rule. Let us not talk about how effective it is comparing to blanket rejection from smoking, nevertheless the method exist for quite some time now and nicotinic gum and patch everyone knows of (do you know people who quit smoking with their help?)

Progress forges ahead and eCigs or vape replaced regular cigarette. The best way to quit smoking is to quit once-for-all-time. If there is no such an option, the question at issue is to find less harmful way to receive nicotine, it is important to understand why people smoke cigarettes. People smoke because of nicotine. There is nothing useful about it but it makes people want more and more of it and this is how people get used to it. Nicotine gives a feeling of temporary mood improvement, taking weariness down, increasing of working ability. People smoking due to light short euphoria nicotine provides with and due to regular smoking, there is an addiction to nicotine making people smoke more often. Besides that, smoking a lot, a tolerance is developed which makes it to where a person should smoke either stronger cigarettes or more often. There is an army of other harmful substances to go along.

Vaping helps to get rid of everything harmful about cigarette. There are not many components within liquids for vaping: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, aromatizers, nicotine. Thus, if earlier, smoking cigarettes, it was as if drinking whiskey with cola, pouring in body essential oils from whiskey, apart from alcohol, additional sugar and cola colors, now you drink a pure alcohol water diluted with a little aromatizing.

It is possible to quit smoking cigarettes replacing them with eCigs but you will still consume nicotine. Smoking eCigs, you will simply decrease the amount of nicotine you smoke daily. Decreasing the frequency of smoking you will decrease the amount of nicotine until you get rid of the habit entirely and one day forgetting eCigs at home, you will realize that you do not need it at all.

Answering the question what is more harmful vaping or waterpipe, they are practically the same. Fundamental difference between vape and cigarettes is absence of tobacco burning process. There is a lot of speculations towards harmfulness of waterpipe. The main reason why waterpipe is harmful is because of nicotine. Researches conducted upon how much of nicotine an average smoker consumes showed that smoking a waterpipe for an hour has basically the same effect as if a cigarette was smoked.

Vaping is more popular than waterpipe because it is easier to make it ready for smoking and easier to carry. One is unable to quit smoking replacing it with a waterpipe. It is problematic to smoke waterpipe with the same frequency one smokes cigarettes. It is impossible if to be precise as long as the process of getting ready for smoking takes too much time.

What makes more of an addict, waterpipe or eCigs depends upon frequency of smoking. It is basically impossible for a working person to smoke waterpipe more than once a day due to it to take too much time for getting ready for a smoke. Smoking eCigs when it comes to frequency is close to smoking regular cigarettes. A person who did not smoke regular cigarettes, starting to smoke eCigs is guaranteed to develop an addiction to nicotine.

Nicotine free mixture for waterpipe and nicotine free substances for eCigs exist for quite some time now. They are based on not a tobacco leaf but something harmless like beet or sugarcane. They are nicotine free and it is just a way to entertain oneself funking.

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