Today we will be discussing CAD drafting job and the job responsibilities it involves along with another aspect of this work.  So before we start and going straight down the route of the different aspect of work first let us take sneak peek about what is meant by CAD drafter and the specialization required.

  • What is CAD drafting?

The word CAD means computer-aided designing.  It is simple yet efficient software that is generally used to create designs along with manufacturing products or construct buildings.  Basically this software is used by civil, mechanical, and electrical drafter for their work purpose.

Those who are involved in this process are generally termed as CAD drafter in short.

  • Info regarding CAD Drafters

CAD or Computer-aided designers take the help of the CAD system and come up with stunning designs and create technical drawings for different types and sizes of buildings and for other construction purposes maintaining a specific method and way of action.

 In order to be an eligible CAD drafter, one needs to undergo a professional associate’s degree program and earn a certification in order to get started and pursue it as a career.

  • Why Orana?

Since the inception days, Orana has the goodwill of providing the best CAD services here in Toronto.  Our team of very professional and committed designers has always inspired us in thinking big and achieving what is unthinkable.  We boost our capabilities in managing the different aspects of Computer-aided drafting and pushing ourselves to the maximum limit of providing the best and superior drafting services in line with our business rivals. 

We use the latest CAD technology that is capable of producing the most remarkable result and some of the best immersive designs that look stunning and beyond words to describe.

We have always been very much punctual when it comes to time management.  We trust our potentials and thus are commitments never fail whatever the circumstances are.  Over the years we have presented our clients with the best output and most of the credit goes to our committed and experienced teams that have been very much supported to this cause.  We believe in the right price for the right work. 

This has always been our motto over the years and thus we keep no hidden cost for our performances and we can without a doubt commit what others fail to deliver.

Our finish products have always been of superior quality and we assure no room for error customizing the work as per our client’s needs and requirements.  This is what makes us one the finest CAD Drafters here in Toronto, Canada.

Thus concluding

In order to know more about our work and our achievements please do visit our official page For future requirements please feel to get in touch with us.  We assure the best price for our commitments at a very marginal rate within a stipulated time.

It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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