5 Steps To Get Rid Of Bad Habits

5 Steps To Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Far from everything that kills us makes us stronger. How to get rid of the habits that destroy our body?

1. Feel the difference between habit and addiction

Unlike addiction, a bad habit is situational. Addiction to prohibited substances is devastating, while smoking or love for alcohol is not so dangerous. Once you are aware that your problem is just a habit, it will be easier for you to get rid of it.

2. Make guidelines

The first step is to give yourself a word to quit. Imagine what will happen when you stopped smoking or drinking. Experts offer to visualize your life, in which there is no place for bad habits. Let this picture become a motivation. Write what you see as a new self and regularly re-read when will power weakens and the desire to go crazy is big.

3. Choose a date

The opinion that one day you will only throw out the unfinished cigarette or pour out the unfinished alcohol, and then no, not a chance is wrong. It is best to develop a plan that will help you cope with the habit painlessly.
Just choose a date when you forget about the destructive affection and gradually get ready for it. Reduce the number of parties; allocate the place of the usual ten cigarettes per day, then six and so on.

4. Social networks to help

Many managed to quit bad habits in this way. Write an extensive post-promise that you want to stop or drink.
If this is too personal, create a support group of your closest friends. You may be able to find associates among them; this will make going through cold turkey easier.

5. Rule of 21 days

Most likely, you know that a new habit is formed within 21 days. When you want to smoke or drink, promise yourself that you will do it after the deadline.
Most likely, after 21 days you look at a cigarette and a bottle with disgust.

About the author:
Melisa Marzett fights against bad habits, sets particular rules and boundaries. Writing for custom homework editing accessible online, she always claims that bad habits prevent us from being successful.