Why Is Cattle Record-Keeping Essential? What Help Can A Cattle Management Software Provide?

Why Is Cattle Record-Keeping Essential? What Help Can A Cattle Management Software Provide?

As a cattle producer, you must have a clear understanding about the efforts of the industry in the provision of good quality and healthy beef to domestic and international markets. Consumers today are much concerned about the quality of food and health of animals. Cattle producers not only ensure that the beef they sell in the market is safe and healthy but they also have to work with the basics and improve their overall operations.

Working in the livestock industry for years must have helped you to understand most-used techniques to improve the production processes such as genetic improvement, cross-breeding, implants, and nutritional manipulation.

Technology has made many advancements as traceability and block chain are dominating the livestock and food industry.  Cattle management applications are making it easy for cattle producers to carry out cattle record-keeping operations more efficiently and quickly. These applications not only help to ensure that the beef is safe and of high-quality but also make sure that the consumers are satisfied with the product they demand. By using this tool, you are enabled to make sure that your operations are in accordance with the policies of the government and the certification schemes. These apps also help you to track the economic viability of your business.

Why Should You Keep Cattle Records?

If you are managing beef cattle operations, the most important part is cattle record keeping. There are several benefits that you can achieve through keeping the records. Here is the list of some benefits:

Legal Purpose:

A cattle record-keeping software makes it easy to extract all the essential information about the animal, such as its origin and its health records. It proves that the cattle have been raised in environmental conditions approved by a certified beef program or by the government.

Financial Purpose:

It helps to maximize financial benefits as it ensures that you are able to keep track of feeding costs. It enables you in planning strategies for economic feeding, making optimal production possible.

Taxation Purpose:

By using a cattle record-keeping software, you are enabled to keep a record of your earnings and total expenses. It helps to make tax calculations and management easier


Analytics provided by a management software can enable you to focus on the enhancement of animal growth and improving statistics of the business.


A cattle record-keeping software can help you to keep track of the health of the cattle, and it becomes easier to track and monitor any health issues caused by any disease. Consumption of food, weight, and milk production helps to take quick actions.


Consumers nowadays need assurance that the food they are getting is healthy and safe to eat. They require transparency and need data to develop trust. By using management software, you are enabled to provide them with all the necessary details that they want and enjoy a good and trustworthy relationship with them.

Planning for Future:

Cattle record keeping software allows you to analyze the future performance of the herd along with the basic details about its origin, history, and present conditions. You can get an idea about the profit-loss situations over the years. This can also help you to make specific changes and improvements and build strategies to run your business smoothly.

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