Free Gun Market – Pros And Cons

Free Gun Market – Pros And Cons

This is a rather controversial topic for me if, to be honest. As far as you know, gun salary is restricted and punished by law. Law punishes possessing of a gun without a proper license as well. These laws were adopted dozens of years ago and there was a reason. It is obvious, that it was made to eliminate violence. However, unfortunately, these laws don’t stop people from buying and using these weapons but sometimes, these ones can save your life. Here is the question, would it be better to eliminate this restriction.

Unlike popular opinion, there are a couple of advantages of having a gun. For example, walking the street all alone or with a member of your family, you can be attacked by an abuser. Supposedly, he or she has a knife or even a gun, which will protect you. In such a case it would be great if you had something to fight for your life. Here, all the advantages are over.

A Little remark, free gun market enables people to buy weapon wherever they want but with a proper license. In other words, you did not see any weapon markets in your neighborhood. However, after elimination of this ban, people easily build one of such stores by your house. Imagine the same situation, some stranger comes across you with a knife and says: “give me your wallet”. If you have a gun, you can easily frighten him or even shoot him but you will be accused of homicide since it is exceeding of self-defense measures. An alternative way of solution where you give this man what he wants might be the safest one. He is most likely to run away after getting your wallet. Another good example is someone’s offended child brings a gun to school and kills his classmate for some funny name or a joke.

We are very quick-tempered and emotional people and in most cases, we regret about our deeds. It is impossible to control it and sometimes it results in horrible consequences. Imagine the outcome of a free gun market when you can buy a solution to your problems without any restrictions. Violence is far from being the best solution and you will not differ much from the animals. Maybe all the attackers and murderers should get what they deserve but on the other hand, you will no longer be yourself once let the darkness be inside you.

Let us summarize above-mentioned information. In my opinion, it would be rather unconsidered decision to lift the ban on free gun selling since violence is one of the worst ways to solve our to some extent social problems. In order to minimize assault and homicide level, it is necessary to improve employment, decrease a level of poverty. This is more likely to decrease crime level in a country and thus you no longer need a weapon to protect your life. That is why it would be better for us all to keep this entire weapon as far away from us as possible.

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